AHJSA Match Reports

League Round 3, 24th April 2021


Hahndorf Soccer Club vs Stirling Districts Soccer Club

It was a picture-perfect morning for the U9's game between Hahndorf and Stirling Districts. Both teams started out with great attacking play. Levi Neumann was in fine form, striking strong kicks down the field. Oliver Knight was superb in defence stopping Stirling's attempts to get the ball close to the goal. Good play by the Hahndorf team led to the first goal attempt of the day from Thomas Gould. Hugo Curtis kept the pressure on Stirling leading to a Hahndorf throw in. This led to a tense time in the game where it was hard to tell which team would score the first goal. Each team battled hard in attack and defence. Owen Hoyle's fancy footwork kept Stirling guessing which way the ball would go. Joshua Blain booted the ball down the field a few times to keep the ball away from Stirling's goal but the persistence of the Stirling team kept the ball coming back for a few goal attempts. Thanks to Rowan Gilroy's saves as goalie, Stirling were still yet to score. Blain, Neumann and Knight in defence kept the ball down Hahndorf's end of the field for Gould to shoot again narrowly miss the goals. Stirling kept up the pressure and made it pass the Hahndorf defence with a superb shot to score their first goal. Mason Saywell kicked well, keeping the ball away from Stirling, along with Soren Mickan with some great attacking shots but it was not enough to stop the second goal from Stirling. The game was closely battled right up till half time with Gould having another goal attempt and Gilroy saving another goal from Stirling. Second half saw Gould in goals getting a workout stopping goal attempts from Stirling. All members of the Hahndorf team worked cohesively together with just as much determination and attacking play as the first half. There were another few close attempts at goal but a spectacular goal from Stirling led to their final goal for the match. It was a well fought game by both teams and great behaviour was displayed by all. 

Woodside Warriors Soccer Club Blue vs Strathalbyn Strikers FC Inc White

<p>This week’s game away to Strathalbyn provided a bit of a reality check for Woodside U9 Blue after two strong performances. Strathalbyn settled much quicker into the match and whilst Woodside were still finding their feet Strathalbyn made the most of their first-half dominance, creating goalscoring chances through good possession and running off of the ball that split the Woodside defence several times.</p> <p> </p> <p>The second half was a more even affair with Strathalbyn pegged back from time to time by some good forward runs from Woodside, and with a bit more work on finding space and passing Woodside will no doubt translate these into scoring opportunities in future games. Notwithstanding a brighter second half of football from the Warriors, Strath still found their way past the defence several times and were the better team by a nose.</p> <p> </p> <p>The take-aways for Woodside this week are some lessons in possession, tracking attacking runs and having the resilience to keep their heads up in the face of strong opposition.</p>


Hahndorf Soccer Club vs Mount Barker United Soccer Club Blue

<p>A crisp but sun drenched pitch greeted the Hahndorf boys for their round three match against Mt Barker United Blue. Hahndorf’s Zack Perkins kicked off to start what was a fairly evenly matched first half. Lachlan Gardner, Lucca Falvo-Lopez and Perkins worked together in attack with Falvo-Lopez taking two early shots at the goals. Cohen Whinfield, Jackson Bidgood, Connor Ozolins and Caleb Earley didn’t let the ball past half way with big kicks returning the ball regularly to Hahndorf’s forward line. Late in the half Ashon Broadbent-Shaw (goalie) finally got his hands on the ball before returning it to the play. Great passing by all players saw many attempts on goals but none quite had the power or accuracy to find the back of the net.</p> <p>2nd half saw a complete flip of forwards and defence, with Bidgood now in goals and Broadbent-Shaw joining the attack. The Hahndorf boys were hungry for a goal by this point and play rarely left their attacking half. Awarded a free kick, Broadbent-Shaw passed to Ozolins who slammed the ball over the crossbar. Defence’s Perkins and Falvo-Lopez finally saw the ball but kept Mt Barker well away from scoring position. The ball was back in attack, and breaking free from the scrum, Whinfield put it on his left boot and scored Hahndorf’s first goal! In quick succession Ozolins lifted the ball over everyone’s heads, including the goalies and scored the second. Intense pressure from the Hahndorf boys saw multiple shots on goal keeping the spectators on watch! Ozolins had the ball out wide and again lifted the ball into the outstretched goalies hands but they just couldn’t hold on to it scoring his second. The Hahndorf boys were on fire by now and just before full time in a tangle with Mt Barkers defence another goal was rushed through by Gardner.</p> <p>Well done boys and thanks to Mt Barker for the competitive game.</p>

Woodside Warriors Soccer Club vs Mount Barker United Soccer Club Gold

Perfect weather for Round 3. U10 played Mount Barker United Gold on home ground and what a fantastic match it was!  Awesome effort all round with every player well involved.  Passing is improving every week and many players being set up for scoring opportunities.  Great job everyone!


Nairne Knights Soccer Club vs Strathalbyn Strikers FC Inc Red

On Saturday 24th April, 2021, under clear sunny skies, Nairne Knights U11's competed against the Strathalbyn Soccer Clubs Red U11's team, at the Nairne School Oval. Due to the Anzac Day long weekend, Nairne had a few players away - meaning they had no subs. All 9 players competed for the full game and did amazingly well. The Strathalbyn Red's were a well drilled and skillful team who in the end took the win for this round. Well done to both teams!


Woodside Warriors Soccer Club (5) vs Mount Barker United Soccer Club (2)

What a beautiful day for foot ball, sun was out , zero wind and a thick crowd came out to support both Woodside and Mount Barker.<br /> Round 3 was here and Woodside was hungry for a win after 2 previous close but disappointing loses over the past 2 weeks. We were down a few warriors for the game as it is a long weekend, but this did not disrupt their pressure on the oppositions "onion bag" . 2 minutes in and we struck on the  Barker goal this was the beginning of  a relentless pressure from the warriors. <br /> 2 goals up, the team was beginning to feel like they had a chance for victory, but the barker team was not going down with out a fight, kicking the ball over the goalies head hitting the cross bar and just bouncing over the line. Looks like it was going to be a fierce contest. Back and forth for most of the half when finally woodside broke the  goal drought with a ball that looked like it was going out then curved through the air sailing over the goalies head and landing firmly in the back of the net. Even the Woodside player whom kicked it was in disbelief of the ball thinking it was going to miss. <br /> Half time was here and changes were made, across both teams. Barker not stopping with the effort to brake through , but Woodsides goalie managed to defend 10 shots on goal which just kept Woodside with a healthy buffer making it so they could take risks and managed to hit the back of the net 2 more times with 1 in reply. great game from both teams on a beautiful Saturday. <br />  


Woodside Warriors Soccer Club Blue (7) vs Murray Bridge United Soccer Club (1)

Woodside Warriors u13 Blue hosted Murray Bridge United on a perfect Autumn’s morning. Both sides started the game nervously which saw the ball rebound in and out of each of their respective halves. This provided some nervous moments for the coaches from both sides. Eventually the Warrior’s settled into the game and Xavier Varelias eventually broke through and scored the first goal for the game. Through their midfield, usual suspects Rojo Nambiar, Elliot Klein and Jordan Virgara presented the Warrior’s strikers with a plethora of goal scoring opportunities which United’s goalkeeper expertly negated. Caught on the break United thrust forward and easily exposed the Warrior’s defensive line and scored their first goal for the morning. Despite having a majority of possession, the Warriors had to patiently wait to be rewarded for the attacking pressure that they were inflicting on the solid United defense. Klein, Josh Constable, Nambiar and Virgara all scored successful goals and the Warriors went into the half time break 5-1. The Warrior’s coach implored for the Warriors new defenders to rally together, having only played one previous together they were still finding their mojo. Troy Murray and Deagan Arnold started to forge a great defensive partnership and under the instruction of the Warrior’s keeper Axel Vassos began to control and clear any United attacks. Luke Somes, Thomas Constable welcomed Casper Cox into the left hand defensive arm and worked very hard on marking their players and forcing the United strikers wide of Vassos’s goal mouth. Jamie Spooner created some great through balls to the Warrior’s attacking half. Nambiar started to dominate the Warrior’s right wing area and was instrumental in creating a number of scoring opportunities. One of Nambiar’s highlights in particular involved him drawing three defenders wide to right corner flag. The United defenders were mesmerized by Nambiar’s ball movement and before they could blink the ball was thrusted deep into the penalty box where Constable eagerly volleyed in a delightful goal which perfectly epitomized a wonderful team goal. The Warrior’s added another 5 goals to their total, Klein and Nambiar capped off a wonder morning with bagging a hattrick each. Final score Warriors 7, United 1.

Woodside Warriors Soccer Club Red (7*) vs Nairne Knights Soccer Club (1)

<p>Warriors travelled down the road to play Nairne on their home turf. Nairne struggled to fill a team and only had 10 players. Warriors coach Tony Burroughes decided to play with 10 also to make it an even match. Game seemed to be evenly matched for the fist 15 minutes. Both teams hungry for possession of the ball. A Nairne player gained control of the ball and made a run for it down the wing. Warriors player of the day Oliver Boerth was determined to stop him from scoring and used his speed to chase him down and tackle the ball away and out of play. Warriors got control of play after Israel Maxwell intercepted a pass and kicked it down the field. Sidney Cotton saw an opportunity, got his boot to ball and scored the first goal for the game. Warriors found their rhythm after that first goal and James Lunnon followed on with a goal only 1 minute after the first goal was scored. Nairne had control of play for a short time when Morgan Burroughes intercepted another run at goal and sent it back down the pitch. Eddie Moylan saw it coming and moved into position to pass the ball on so Domenico Silvestri could sink it into the net for his first goal of the game. At half time Nairne lost another player due to being unwell so that put them down to only 9 players, so Warriors coach decided to put another player on his bench and play with 9 also.  Play was evenly matched once again with play going back and forth between the two teams. S.Cotton again kicked the first goal for second half with Barnaby Bevan following behind scoring his first goal 2 minutes later. Warriors then found their groove and started to dominate play. D.Silvestri stole the ball from a Nairne player and laid off a perfect pass to Max Davis who finished it off with a goal. Nairne were determined not to give up and applied pressure at every turnover. Nairne gained back control and snuck passed Warriors defense to kick their first goal for the match. Warriors kept pushing forward though and after Matisse Mack kicked a goal B.Bevan and D.Silvestri kicked another goal each. After another turnover Jesse Mewett came out of nowhere and put boot to ball kicking his first ever goal. That got the crowd on their feet and cheering him on. Warriors came together as a team today and played as a united front. Each player passing off if the opportunity was there and it shows on the scoresheet with 7 players scoring. Nairne were great opponents and never once dropped their head, they fought all the way to the end.</p>


Strathalbyn Strikers FC Inc (0) vs Woodside Warriors Soccer Club Red (0)

Good day out for the U15s Strathalbyn team as they had a full team to field for the first time in 3 games. Some super football saw trainings structure bring goals. Big respect to Woodside who played super competitive football. A Strathalbyn parent commented what a super team they were as they kept challenging and held heads high. A good day out for junior football regardless of the result. 

Strathalbyn Strikers FC Inc (8) vs Woodside Warriors Soccer Club Red (2)

<p>Strathalbyn were excited today to have a full team available for the third game of the season. Very good passages of play from both teams saw a game to build from. Strathalbyn were too strong for the visitors in the end. And took a commanding lead. The parents and supporters of Strathalbyn would like to commend Woodside for a terrific team effort and always striving forward and playing with the utmost conviction, heads up and purpose to play well. And above all else encouraging one another. Was a good day for football regardless of results. </p>

Woodside Warriors Soccer Club Blue (5) vs Stirling Districts Soccer Club Blue (1)

A wonderful day welcomed both teams to Woodside. With the start of another season both teams had made changes to their lineups from the 2020 season, with Districts Blue seeming a much more formidable team.<br /> <br /> For the first five minutes it was an even tussle with both teams applying pressure to find that opening goal. Woodside continued to pass the ball around and when an opportunity presented itself the left midfield took a long range shot and found the back of the net. Stirling Districts shifted gears and applied their own pressure on the Woodside defence. The Warriors defence managed to stand tall and repel their opponents but with the continued pressure something had to give. Blue through their hard work and pressure managed to grab its opportunity when a poor clearance by Woodside landed at a Districts player's feet who expertly slotted it home to tie the game. Woodside continued to work hard and again scored from long range from the left. Both teams then knew this would be a tight contest and for the remainder of the half fought to gain the upper hand but each team's defence stood strong, repelling attacks and stopping any opportunity for another goal. The half concluded with Woodside in front by a solitary goal but Stirling still had the opportunity to take control of the game in the second half and Woodside had to be careful.<br /> <br /> The second half started as the first had finished with both teams trying to find their next goal. Woodside started to apply more pressure down both wings and when finally a cross from the right found the striker's head, it was headed past the keeper. Woodside increased its tempo again and started to apply the pressure on the Districts' defence who struggled to get the ball out of their defensive third. When Stirling did manage to get it out Woodside’s midfield were first to the ball and sent the ball back into attack. With so much pressure now being applied by Woodside, Stirling's keeper was kept busy and made many great saves to deny their opponents a fourth goal. When a penalty was given, Stirling's keeper held his ground and made a good save again denying Woodside. With still 30 minutes left of the game Stirling Districts continued to pressure to find their next goal but when Woodside’s central defender stopped a Stirling Districts attack just outside their defensive 18 yard box he found himself with space down the right and started a new attack. After a one two with a team mate, he still had not been challenged and seeing a gap in the defence took the ball into their 18 yard box and scored Woodside’s fourth for the day. Woodside continued to apply pressure but Stirling’s keeper and defence stood strong. As the game was coming to an end another penalty was given and Woodside’s left midfielder took the spot kick and scored his third for the game. That's how the game finished with Woodside taking all the points but Stirling should be commended for their defensive efforts under the continued pressure special mention should be made to their keeper who managed to save many more than got through.

BHS Forest Soccer Club (2) vs Torrens Valley Soccer Club (8)

<p>Round 3 saw Blackwood Forest play Torrens Valley at Birdwood Park on a fine, warm afternoon.</p> <p>Torrens Valley went straight into the attack in the first few minutes with multiple shots on goal. Their cohesion and unity rewarded them with 4 conversions by half time against a sluggish Blackwood team.  Blackwood missed a few early opportunities, capitalising once. Blackwood's keeper carried out some great saves to keep the half time score difference to 3 goals.</p> <p>Blackwood went into the 2nd half more organised and shut down many of Torrens Valley's advances. The second half initially remained scoreless in what started to shape into a more evenly matched contest. Torrens Valley's strength pervailed, and they went on to score a further 4 goals in the second. Blackwood answered with one minute to go with one of their own resulting in a 8-2 victory to the home side.</p> <p> </p>


Hahndorf Soccer Club (4) vs Stirling United Soccer Club (0)

<p>The Hahndorf under 17 mixed team hosted Stirling united at home for a 10am kick off. Hahndorf thrilled and eager to begin playing hoping for a positive outcome on the brand-new score board recently added to the Hahndorf recreation ground. The whistle blows for both Hahndorf and Stirling united to begin, Hahndorf first content about going up hill first half. Both teams fighting hard sending balls to either attacking ends, Xavier Kell and Dan McArthur keeping tight controlled play in the middle sending through balls for Kyle Fenlon, but Stirling defenders kept a very tight defences un-allowing shots to be made. Stirling United’s forwards pressed hard sending many long balls, but Hahndorf’s defence kept a very close defensive line allowing either Tyler Weyland or Josh Rayner to control the ball and send it up the field. David Neilsen right back also sending many balls along the right side up to Charlotte Hodgson. Stirling came in with many high shots, but Edward Hardingham used his height as an advantage in goals for the first half and was able to keep the ball out of the net. Continuous attacks from Jye Martin pressured the Stirling defence before Kane Gibbs sending a long ball to Kyle Fenlon securing a goal in the back of the net. Half time was called, and it was evident to Hahndorf that we need to fight even harder if we want to secure a good outcome.</p> <p> </p> <p>As second half began Hahndorf had their heads high keeping it strong in the mid field Kane Gibbs receiving a high ball in attack was able to control the ball and sent it flying to the left of the keeper, into the netting within only seconds of the second half.  Stirling trying to come back sending many long balls to our defence which Neilson was able to clear the ball from the defence to Hodgson receiving a ball along the line passing it through to Kell who was able to strike a flawless pass to Fenlon who was able to finish the play in the back of the net. With only 3 minutes into the second half Hahndorf ecstatic about the 3-0 lead but not long after a free was granted to Hahndorf which Weyland took sailing the ball over Stirling’s defence for Fenlon to finish making it a 4-0 lead. Stirling didn’t drop momentum and continued to press new goal keep Tom Boekel. All Hahndorf players dropping back and supporting the defence clear the ball to increase the lead, but Stirling continued to keep it tight play in the mid. Toby Boekel receiving many balls up front along the left line pressuring Stirling’s defence. Play through the midfield created chances for Stirling which were quickly shut down by young Tom. The final whistle blew and both teams shook hands walking away with a win to Hahndorf.</p>

Woodside Warriors Soccer Club (3) vs Strathalbyn Strikers FC Inc (1)

<p>Round Three saw Woodside U17s travel to Strathalbyn Polo Grounds to play against an energetic Strathalbyn Strikers.</p> <p>Strathalbyn’s two game run in the season so far had seen mixed results. Round Two saw them lose to Hahndorf, whilst Round One saw them hit the season strong with a 4-2 win over Murray Bridge, putting them top of the ladder if only for a couple of weeks. The loss to Hahndorf wasn’t bad either; 1-3. Nothing for any opposition to be comfortable about.</p> <p>Meanwhile Woodside’s run has been unusually faultless. Wins over Hahndorf and Rangers see them top of the ladder but stamped with a deserving target. The longer it goes on the longer the pressure will build. With two games in the first leg remaining the question is do they have the ability to sustain it? One game at a time.</p> <p>The game between the two sides kicked off at 9am under glorious sunscreen-worthy conditions.</p> <p>From kick-off Woodside was strong and controlled the ball well and by the twelve minute mark they were three goals up.</p> <p>The first goal went to Captain ANGUS WILKINS from the corner, skimming off the hand of a defender and into the goals. Easy to picture how pretty it may have been, but the two corners he took prior were woefully low. Both times they were defended well and both times they went long for a subsequent corner. The third was precise and into the vicinity of a dozen players. Woodside were lucky and Strathalbyn otherwise.</p> <p>The second and third goal went to LACHLAN MOWBRAY, his third and fourth goal for the season. The two goals were within minutes of each other at 10 and 12 minutes into the game. They were also impressive and the last two for Woodside for the game.</p> <p>In the second half Strathalbyn danger-man, KALAN BROOKS, managed to score for his team. Brooks is an admirable player and, based on pitch cred, the highlight of the Strathalbyn team. He is always lightening quick, with typically fancy feet and as clean as they come.</p> <p>It was only half an hour before kick-off and at training during the week when Woodside discussed their concerns. The best a team can do is strengthen their middle and left side and shut him down where possible. Given space (he doesn’t need time) he is unbeatable. Whilst any goal is a good goal, and this one was no different, Brooks was obviously frustrated with one goal.</p> <p>The game ended 3-1 in favour of the away team, Woodside. They will retain their ladder leaders title, whilst Strathalbyn may retain their fourth place, depending on other results.</p> <p>“No team should be comfortable in any match-up”, said Woodside Coach BRUCE TONKIN. “We’ve been very clear with all players that all teams deserve respect, regardless of who they are or where they sit. Strathalbyn is no different and definitely determined.”</p> <p>LACHLAN MOWBRAY played brilliantly and was awarded best on ground, whilst CASEY GODFREY and JAMES RENSHAW drew attention.</p> <p>Round Four will see Strathalbyn take on Stirling United, whilst Murray Bridge will travel to Woodside Recreation Ground for Woodside’s first home game for the season.</p>

Stirling United Soccer Club (0) vs Hahndorf Soccer Club (4)

<p>Round 3 kicked off in good conditions, with Stirling United heading down the hill at Pine Ave. Through the first 30 minutes or so, Stirling were applying great pressure to Hahndorf, and looked most likely to open the scoring with limited chances at the other end. Hahndorf however defended stoutly, and any good chances were tidied up by the backline.</p> <p>The crowd sensed a slight change in momentum, with Kane Gibbs having the first real chance for Hahndorf one on one with Stirling keeper Lachlan Stein but sending his shot past the left hand post. When Gibbs had another shot moments later, it was only a great save from Stein that prevented Hahndorf taking the lead.</p> <p>Stirling weren’t so lucky a third time, when another long ball found Kyle Fenlon free and this time the ball found the back of the net, seeing Hahndorf head to half time with a 1-0 lead.</p> <p>After the break, Hahndorf immediately took charge of the game, thanks to a series of long balls down the hill that allowed first Gibbs, and then Fenlon twice, to have one on one opportunities with Stein in goal. Despite some valiant attempts from Stein, all three were scored, effectively closing out the game.</p> <p>A shellshocked Stirling managed to contain things after that, and did have some chances to get one or two back, but in the end Hahndorf ran out comfortable winners 4-0.</p>


Stirling Districts Soccer Club (3) vs Strathalbyn Strikers FC Inc White (6)

<p>SDFC started quickly and soon managed to run in an early goal (Noonan). Not to be denied Strathalbyn countered 12minutes later (Denison), but Stirling had the best of the play and managed to run another goal (Preece) to lead 2-1 at half time.</p> <p>The second half saw a turn around with Strathalbyn taking control of the midfield and creating many scoring chances. Several on target long range shots (Rigney) an unfortunate own goal by SDFC as well as some good nettings by Denison, and Davis saw Strathalbyn White run out comfortable winners despite a good solo goal by Langley.</p>


Woodside Warriors Soccer Club (3) vs Stirling Districts Soccer Club (9*)

<p>It seems the team for the Woodside girls grows each week with new players coming out to give it a go, and so it did again this week. Heading out with 15 players (including a few fill in players helping out from Woodside's other teams) to play their 1pm game at the Woodside pitch. Another glorious day for soccer greeted players, coaches and supporters from both Woodside and Stirling Districts.  As the game commenced everyone settled in for an entertaining display.  The match didn’t disappoint. </p> <p>An even start for both teams saw the ball travelling from end to end, but it didn’t take long for the experience of the Stirling girls to shine through and take some control of the game.  Woodside’s defence line and keeper were under pressure throughout the match, but they all stood firm and the keeper made many saves for the day. The mid-field girls also worked extremely hard and played some excellent football through the mid-field, but a strong Stirling defence prevented any score for Woodside.</p> <p>As the match progressed Woodside started to bring together their team work and found a few scoring opportunities of their own, managing to catch the Stirling defence out of position a few times.  Finishing with three to the back of the net, and on the scoresheet.  An exciting end to the game!  We look forward to watching this team grow through the season. Congratulations to Stirling Districts on a great game played in good sportsmanship.</p>