Match report

Season Date Round Venue
2022 U9 30th April 11:00am League Round 1 BSC Modified 1, Basket Range
Match report

U9 Woodside Warriors Soccer Club

Team:-  Round 1         Bridgewater Blue vs Woodside  30/4/2022            

Season 2022 has begun it has been a long wait through the pre-season and you could feel the excitement / nervous energy / anticipation / uncertainty / comradeship of our team looking forward to the starting whistle. 

We began our warm up and on cue the rain began to fall to remind the spectators and players that this is a Winter sport and there will be more of this to come as we get deeper in to the season.

A team photo to build the excitement and the game was set to start.

Welcome Ryder, Morgana, Hannah, Anna, Justin, Zac, Stirling , Archie and Tomke

Game on. The game had begun, all players giving everything on both sides of the field. 2 minutes in and the home side Bridgy struck and left Woodside a little rattled, but not done, 

The players then held pressure for the next 15 minutes with the ball going from one end to the other testing the team’s early fitness and pre-season training, then Woodside saw an opening and pressed deep into the forward and, bang the teams were tied with only minutes left in the first half, bang again Woodside was now in front. But Bridgewater was not down and out and got a last moment goal tied at half time. It was really turning out to be a fantastic tussle between the 2 sides. 

Last half was upon us and both teams had made some changes, but a front runner seemed inevitable with the amount of pressure on goalies at both ends of the pitch finally the home side found a way to get it past Woodside’s goalie and only minutes left which meant the warriors had no time to bring the score back , but I must say it was still an absolute outstanding performance from our team , holding position and working as a team playing fair and just and showing we have firepower in our court. Well done under 9 

Result  3 Bridgewater / 2 Woodside