All Abilities Football Program & Carnival

The Adelaide Hills Junior Football Association prides itself on creating friendly and inclusive environments for players and families to enjoy being part of the game. To build on our inclusive culture, we are partnering with the Adelaide Hills Council in 2022 to trial an ‘All Abilities’ Junior Soccer Program - to help break down the barriers between children with and without disabilities. The program will be open to children 11 to 17 years old, including those with a disability (physical and/or intellectual), and with any level of football experience.

The concept is simple; a four to six week training program followed by a carnival. It may become more (we hope it does!), but for this season that's the plan. It's a great opportunity for clubs to put together a blend of regular club members and external players with a physical and/or intellectual disability in a short training program tailored to particular needs. It will then end in a carnival like atmosphere, currently planned for late April.

Everything you need to know

A 3-hour "Disability & Awareness Support" program will be run for club leaders, coaches and parents currently planned for the 21st of February, 2022. Click here to register.
• A training program of four to six weeks
, starting in March and concluding in April, 2022.
A suitable and concluding carnival will be held on the weekend of the 23rd & 24th of April, 2022. The format and rules may be modified for greater fun, flexibility and access for everyone!
• The initial age range is anticipated to be 11 to 17 years old. This is the equivalent AHJFA 'competitive' age groups and also an age range where people may start to feel like they're missing out.
• The concept will be backed by any (or all) AHJFA clubs willing to support the idea and submit a team.
• Teams will be a blend of usual club members and 'all-abilities interest from local non-club members.
• The program is being jointly run by the AHJFA and the Adelaide Hills Council.
• Costs (if any) will be determined at a later date.

We can only achieve this concept with strong community backing and club support. For that reason the Association is seeking your interest and feedback, and encourages you and your club to fill out our Registration of Interest form. This way we can get a gauge on who is interested and to what level they can get involved. After registering you'll be kept up to date in the lead up to this program starting.

Register your interest now!