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Competition Rules Non-Competitive Rules Fees & Due Dates

Source Name File
AHJSA By-Laws, March 2015 G-DOC
AHJSA Child Safe Environment Compliance Statement PDF
AHJSA Constitution G-DOC
AHJSA Nomination for Elected Director of the Board PDF
AHJSA Application For An Overage Player Exemption E-FORM
AHJSA Application For Representative Coach, 2017 EXPIRED PDF
AHJSA Online Player Registration Guide PDF
AHJSA Season Information Guide, 2015 EXPIRED PDF
AHJSA Club Points Incentive Program, 2016 EXPIRED PDF
AHJSA Non-Competitve Team Sheet EXPIRED DOC
AHJSA Coaching Standards Policy PDF
AHJSA Coach Support Policy PDF
AHJSA Plaster & Similar Casts PDF
AHJSA Player Support Policy PDF
AHJSA Referee Support Policy PDF
AHJSA Representative Team Policy PDF
AHJSA Remittance Advice, 2016 EXPIRED PDF
AHJSA Ground Steward Incident Report Form DOC
AHJSA Competition Rules PDF
AHJSA Non-Competitive Rules PDF
AHJSA Season Information Check List, 2016 EXPIRED PDF
AHJSA Team Nomination Form 2020 E-FORM
AHJSA Fees & Due Dates G-DOC
FFSA Fox Sports Pulse Information Guide EXPIRED PDF
FFSA MyFootballClub Registration Guide EXPIRED DOC
FFSA Match Official Directive PDF
FFSA Registration Process for Amateur Players, 2015 EXPIRED PDF
FFSA Establishing Child Safe Environments PDF
FFSA Ground Stewards Roles and Responsibilities PDF
FFSA Hot Weather Policy EXPIRED PDF
FFSA Acquiring and Displaying images of Children PDF
FFSA Security Clearance Procedure PDF
FFSA Smoke Free Policy PDF
FFSA Extreme Weather Policy PDF
FFSA Social Media Policy PDF
FFA Code of Conduct for Players PDF
FFA Code of Conduct for Spectators PDF
FFA Grievance Resolution Regulations PDF
FFA National Disciplinary Regulations PDF
FFA Jewellery Wearing Policy PDF
FFA National Member Protection Policy PDF
FFA Statutes PDF
FFA 4-3-3 Formation Rationale PDF
SAJSA Spectacle Wearing Players PDF
Government Child Safe Environments Standards PDF
Government Working with children checks PDF