We've updated the <a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/honour-board.html">honour board</a> (About > Honour Board) with the 2021 roles. We've also set up pages for those willing to share their story.

<p>Most seasons the AHJSA is presented with a new committee to some degree. I've taken the liberty of creating details pages for some committee members, accesible via <a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/honour-board.html">our honour board</a>. The associated links below will provide further details about each member.</p> <ul> <li><strong>Chair: <a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/honour-board/bruce-tonkin-21.html">Bruce Tonkin</a></strong> - Bruce's history on the AHJSA committee is reasonably short, getting on board as web administrator in 2018. The following year he added Publicity Manager to his workload. Then, in 2020, he added Vice-Chair.</li> <li><strong>Vice-Chair: Andrew Miller</strong> - Andew has been with the AHJSA for quite a few years now, but is gradually exiting the association via a final season in this role. He has a wealth of knowledge that will no doubt be handy in his role on the competition committee too.</li> <li><strong>General Secretary & Programmer: <a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/honour-board/anita-kerr-31.html">Anita Kerr</a></strong> - Anita (<a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/clubs/hahndorf.html">HSC</a>) will continue her role on the committee in a couple of roles. The Secretary role has been split into General and Minute, where Anita will support the Minute Secretary. In addition to that she will run the job of programmer too.</li> <li><strong>Minute Secretary: <a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/honour-board/taryn-widdows-65.html">Tarryn Widdows</a></strong> - Tarryn (<a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/clubs/blackwood.html">Blackwood</a>) is new to the committee, coming to us from new club, BHS Forest. Tarryn will be responsible for taking the minutes at meetings and is no doubt scared out of her mind, however she'll be well supported.</li> <li><strong>Treasurer: <a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/honour-board/amy-cotton-23.html">Amy Cotton</a></strong> - Amy (<a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/clubs/woodside.html">WWSC</a>) is continuing on as Treasurer. With two years of the job under her belt already she is looking forward to keeping back-to-back-to-back clean sheets for the association.</li> <li><strong>Registrar: Grantley Klenke</strong> - Grantley (<a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/clubs/murraybridge.html">Murray Bridge</a>) is part of the furniture within the association, having filled this role for the past four years. Prior to that he served as the Publicity Manager. He is another with a wealth of knowledge we'll need to keep going.</li> <li><strong>Director of Football: <a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/honour-board/richard-gautier-24.html">Richard Gautier</a></strong> - If you've met Richard (<a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/clubs/strathalbyn.html">Strathalbyn</a>) you'll already know how passionate he is about football. The game is his life. He is the coaching director at his club, a Reps coach for the AHJSA and loves having a run himself. He led the way with the Development Program a few months ago now and has some exciting ideas for the future.</li> <li><strong>Publicity Manager: Steve Franchi</strong> - Steve (<a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/clubs/rangers.html">Rangers</a>) will take on the role of Publicity Manager. He'll be working with myself to make sure we're well represented everywhere we can be.</li> <li><strong>Social Media: Kathryn Isitt</strong> - Kathryn (<a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/clubs/torrensvalley.html">TVSC</a>) will work with both Steve and myself to help make sure our digital presence is strong.</li> <li><strong>Child Safe Officer: <a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/honour-board/paul-muffet-64.html">Paul Muffet</a></strong> - Paul (<a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/clubs/stirlingdistricts.html">SDFC</a>) will hold the role of CSO. We're excited to have him on board representing Stirling Districts in an important role.</li> <li><strong>Property Manager: <a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/honour-board/skye-mcclelland-63.html">Skye McClelland</a></strong> - Skye (<a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/clubs/mtbarker.html">Mount Barker</a>) is new to the committee and will support the association making sure that all our current and future property is in the right hands. She will be supported by <strong><a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/honour-board/bryan-mcdonald-26.html">Bryan McDonald</a></strong> (<a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/clubs/stirlingunited.html">Stirling United</a>), who filled the position for the 2020 Season.</li> <li><strong>Rep Team Manager: Kerri Richards</strong> - Kerri (<a href="https://www.ahjsa.asn.au/clubs/murraybridge.html">Murray Bridge</a>) knows this job well, having filled the position since 2017. Another member with a wealth of knowledge we'll be drawing on.</li> <li><strong>Competition Committee: Mixed</strong> - This team will be made up of a few people from different clubs. We'll have this list finalised prior to the 2021 Season kicking off.</li> </ul> <p>As you can see we've got quite the committee, all of whom are excited by the prospects of what they can do with the new season ahead.</p>

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