The AHJFA realises the importance of having a suitable process for complaints, and handling these complaints in a fair, just and transparent manner. The following information has been prepared to clarify the process and principles AHJFA has in place for managing complaints.

Working with clubs

Management of complaints is a joint responsibility of our member Clubs and the AHJFA. In the first instance members should contact their Club with their complaint. For most clubs, the President, Secretary or Child Safety Officer are the most appropriate contact people.

The Club will have a policy in place for management of complaints. This might take the form of:

  1. An informal approach for resolution, including a conversation with the relevant person/Club about the complaint/grievance.
  2. A formal approach for resolution, detailing the complaint/grievance to the relevant party, along with the outcome that is wanted. This should also include a timeframe for response.
  3. If resolution is reached at either of the above stages then no further action is required.

If the Club Executive is unable to reach a resolution to the complaint, or believes the incident is a more serious breach of the Code of Conduct and needs further management, then an official complaint can be forwarded by a Club Representative to the AHJFA Competition Committee. This should be submitted in writing via the form available below.

Feedback form

Please note that the same form can be used for general feedback and compliments.

Complaints process

The association is currently working on an extended document that covers our association with the AHRB (Adelaide Hills Referees Board) and outlines the process in which complaints are managed, including expected resolution timeframe and decision notifications. This document will be available at a later date.