Match report

Season Date Round Venue
2020 U16 22nd August 9:00am League Round 9 BHSFFC Springbank Secondary College
J. Tonkin (4'), A. Hammat (18'), I. Raymond (31'), I. Hammat (52'), J. Renshaw (56'), I. Hammat (57'), J. Renshaw (63'), T. Vincent (71'), B. Wilson (76')

I. Hammat (1st), J. Renshaw (2nd), A. Sutton (3rd)
H. Green (30'), H. Butler (37')

Match report

The second half of the AHJSA U16 season sees teams play their opponents in the opposing location from the first half. It is either their usual club grounds or alternatively the opposing teams grounds. For the most part they are grounds that teams are familiar with.

Unfortunately BHS Forest struggled to secure an ongoing match venue after some vague COVID related decisions made by a school they were negotiating with. However they were able to secure Springbank Secondary College located on the corner of Goodwood and Daws Road, Pasadena. The college has a smallish pitch with some interesting goals. It also includes a fence line of a house with windows that are almost begging for a wayward ball.

With the wind, the rain, the sun, the goals, whatever advantages one team got in the first half were reversed in the second of course. Either way, it’s a pitch none-the-less and both teams were happy to be playing, whilst some parents dreamed of being rugged up at home no doubt.

Woodside had hosted BHS Forest in the second round of the season. The end result was 8-2 in Woodside’s favour. Woodside had fun, but it was an eye-opener for BHS Forest who lost by the narrowest of margins in the previous round. Despite the result BHS Forest enjoyed the game with some brilliant plays.

Woodside had noted BHS Forest’s recent games, having redeemed themselves with their first win the round before. Prior to that they had some impressive games against both Murray Bridge and Stirling United. Whilst they weren’t victorious they certainly indicated their progression as a team. Woodside made the recent mistake of underestimating Rangers, entering that game with a certain expectation. They weren’t going to make that mistake with BHS Forest.

The game kicked off at 9am with a strong count of supporters for both teams.

JETT TONKIN opened the account early for the away team in the 4th minute. That goal was equalised by BHS Forest 10 minutes later. A few minutes later ASHER HAMMAT added a second goal to Woodside’s credit. Again, this was equalised a few minutes later by BHS Forest.

This second goal from the home team emanated from a particularly impressive cross by #14, HARRY BUTLER. A nod and reply between Woodside’s Coach BRUCE TONKIN and Assistant Coach MATT THODAY silently determined that this was possibly the play of the season. Aside from getting the goal they also grabbed a swag of street cred.

IZEYAH RAYMOND added a third goal to Woodside’s total, sending them into half-time a single goal in the lead, 3-2.

The half-time discussion amongst Woodside’s team quickly determined that they weren’t doing enough to end the game solidly in their favour. With some important games on the horizon Woodside will need a stronger second half.

The second half saw BHS Forest’s fate sealed with a suite of goals by Woodside’s JAMES RENSHAW and ISAIAH HAMMAT, in addition to TOBY VINCENT and BILLY WILSON, who was unfortunate not to end the game with three or four goals.

The game ended with the same scoreline as their first encounter, 8-2 in Woodside’s favour.

“It was great to see BHS Forest once again”, said Coach BRUCE TONKIN. “The scoreline had zero effect on their attitude, running hard for all 80 minutes of game time. Hopefully they’ll continue their involvement in the AHJSA U16 division next season.”

ISAIAH HAMMAT stole the heart of the crowd (and team) with two goals, earning himself best and fairest. Notable mentions to JAMES RENSHAW, who scored two and delivered an amazing effort, as well as AIDEN SUTTON, who helped form a strong back-line.

For the next round Woodside will host Murray Bridge in their last home game of the season, whilst BHS Forest will host Strathalbyn White at Pasadena.

Woodside's Toby Vincent
Photographer: Mary Collins

Woodside vs BHS Forest
Photographer: Mary Collins

Aiden Sutton
Photographer: Mary Collins