Match report

Season Date Round Venue
2021 U15 27th August 7:30pm League Round 13 MBUSC SSRP Pitch 1


Match report

It was a cold night at the Mt Barker Sports centre where Woodside were facing off against Blackwood, a game that had to be postponed due to COVID 19.


Blackwood had the kick off, but Woodside quickly turned it around with Cohenn taking the ball into the goal square, he was taken out by the Blackwood defence. Cohenn was injured in the play and a free kick was awarded to Woodside. James lined up and took the kick for Cohenn and put it away.


Blackwood responded quickly with a goal even though the Woodside defence put forward a strong effort.


Blackwood got the ball in the forward half again shortly after and scored after what was a close call to being off side giving Blackwood the 2-1 lead.


Woodside was eager to put that goal behind them with a strong offensive effort run up the pitch by James with a clean cross to Ryan who finished off the play evening up the score 2 all.


At the 19 minute mark Blackwood responded and again at the 23 minute mark pulling away 4 to 2.


Ryan was able to get a couple of strongly contested shots a goal at the 24 and 25 minute mark but the Blackwood defence pushed these shots off the goal.


At the 27 min mark Blackwood had a shot at goal but it was saved by Banjo.


Blackwood had a corner kick in the 29th minute but weren't able to capitalise on it.


31 minutes in Blackwood have another shot with another clean save from Banjo.


Woodside went back into attack with James having a shot at goal at the 35 minute mark but was saved by the Blackwood Goalie. Undetermined James attacked again and succeeded putting the ball in the back of the net at 39 minutes bringing the score to 4-3.


Blackwood wanting to extend their lead had a shot at goal just before half time but missed wide.


James shot back against Blackwood but was stopped by their Goalie. 


Blackwood responded but was denied by Banjo yet again.


Just before half time James got a runaway fed nicely by the midfield scoring to tie the game up 4 all before half time.


In the second half the tennis match continued Blackwood shooting and missing, Woodside responded with James missing from his left foot.


Blackwood shot back missing wide.


Woodside working well as a team all game drove the ball up field the Lysianne perfectly feeding the ball to James who scored putting Woodside ahead by 1.


Blackwood shot back but saved by Riley.


In the second half Woodside received a corner kick taken by Harry. Blackwood defence pushed it out for another corner. Harry took the corner again finding the Blackwood Goalie but they were unableto holdon to it creating an own goal.


Woodside now ahead by 2 goals.


Blackwood had a couple of attempts at goal one missing and the next being called offside. 


Riley blocked another attempt at goal 15 minutes in pushing it out to a corner for Blackwood. The corner kick was defended and the ball was pushed forward by Lysianne but Woodside were unable to have an attempt at goal.


Blackwood pushed back with a Runaway towards goal only to be stopped by Ruby who was a force to be reckoned with not giving up managing to push the ball out for a Blackwood corner.  Blackwood managed to score of the corner kick bringing the score back within 1.


17 minutes into the second half Blackwood struck and tied up the game.


Harry responded but was blocked by the Blackwood Goalie.


Blackwood shot back but was defended out to a corner kick. Blackwood were unable to capitalise on this opportunity. 


About halfway into the second half Blackwood scored pulling ahead by 1.


Harry responded but it was stopped again by Blackwoods Goalie. 


Blackwood struck back but missed wide.


At 35 minute Lysianne had a shot at goal from 3/4 pitch with the shot going top right of the goal but the Blackwood Goalie got to it.


Blackwood responded with a breakaway defended by Cooper who wasn't going to let them score again.


Towards the end of the game Blackwood got a corner kick but pushed it out of bounds.


Both teams put in a fantastic effort on a cold night now to get ready for the next morning playing back to back.