Match report

Season Date Round Venue
2023 U8 13th May 10:00am League Round 3 RJSC Modified 1, Ashton Oval
Match report

Playing At Ashton this week, it was a very sunny day (quite the contrary of the regular pitch blanketed in fog). The boys all showed up in good spirits and were eager as always to start the game.

Immediately from the kick off it was obvious we were up against a well-matched opponent, and pressure was being displayed all over the field. Pushing the ball through the middle and deep into attack with Great skill Owen and Jesse provided us with plenty of great play. Our boys persisted and fought courageously, eventually scoring thanks to a powerful effort from Archer. By stopping a barrage of shots, Freddie in the goal ensured that the opposition knew it would take an amazing shot to get past him.

The players did a good job of settling in and finding their positions in the second half, and Daniel's repeated powerful runs up front worried the opposition. Our defensive line stayed in place and built an impenetrable wall to prevent any attacks the Rangers could mount. Nath held strong in the goals, grabbing everything that was sent his way. After much perseverance, Scott was able to hammer home a breakthrough. The players were greatly motivated by this, and Ed, Luca, and Freddie made some really excellent plays from the backline, which allowed us to have many more shots.

In a really open, fast-paced game this week, all of the boys put forth a lot of effort. Resulting in the play significantly improving from the first to the second halves. It is becoming clear which positions the boys prefer playing the most (apparently goalie is highly popular) with the Rock, Paper, Scissors needed to work out who’s' turn it would be in the 2nd half. It's wonderful to see the amount of improvement in such a short period of time and how they keep following our most important rule: Always Have Fun!

Team Rev up before Kick off

Scott Looking down field to set up another attack

Ed Flying through the midfield

Freddie Kicking on back in after another fantastic save.

Owen weaves past an opponent & accelerates into attack

Jesse keeping possession & holding off the opposition until the cavalry arrive.