Match report

Season Date Round Venue
2023 U8 16th September 9:00am League Round 18 WWSC Modified 1
Match report

U8 - Round 18 – 16/9/2023

Woodside Warriors Red Vs Rangers

Woodside Recreation Park – 09:00am


What a beautiful day for a soccer game; the weather has finally warmed up and winter has passed. Setting the tone for our final home game of the season against the Rangers. The boys arrived today with game faces on, ready for a tough battle against an opponent we know will put up a fight.

The game began as expected, with two extremely skilful teams moving the ball over the pitch and displaying some fantastic team work. Nathaniel was a solid defender for the warriors, intercepting many Rangers attacks. Both sides were working hard and testing each other to uncover any flaws in their armour. The first half featured pretty even ball possession and a few chances by each team. Ranges were eventually able to brake through, Sending us in at the half time break un-able to get on the scoreboard. 

At halftime, Luca spoke to the lads and gave around a few thoughts about what we were doing well and what we could do better. This put the team in a good mood & desperate for another comeback game, as they had done several times this season.

As soon as the second half began, it was evident that the warriors had been sparked; Jesse, Ed, and Freddie were able to cut off attacking moves from the rangers all around our midfield, regaining possession and bringing the ball back towards our goals. With such tremendous ball movement, the rangers' defence was being exposed. This allowed a few players to work together to launch some highly thrilling attacks. Mitchell, Daniel, and Scott all able to get passes out and around the Rangers. Working hard and finding form, Archer was able to get past the rangers defence and find the back of the net a few times in quick succession. 

The way the boys turned things around in the second half, as well as the quality and excitement with which they played, was fantastic to watch. It's a very proud moment for a parent or coach to watch what these little guys can do when they give it their all. This was the perfect ending to a fantastic season, the commitment and determination displayed by every player on the field was incredible to see. I hope you are proud of yourselves boys, that was the best game of the season. Great Work!!!

Scott breaking away at full speed

Jessie moving the ball into the midfield

Daniel sending the ball as far down the pitch as he can

Mitch with a beautiful first touch, controlling the ball to set up yet another attack.

Freddie Breaking through the midfield

A team of happy campers. Great ending to the season.