Match report

Season Date Round Venue
2021 U9 22nd May 10:00am League Round 7 HSC Main Pitch 1
Match report

The u9s Round 7 clash between Hahndorf and Strathalbyn Red  was on a beautiful May morning - not the usual cold weather. Hahndorf were off to a quick and strong start, with Neumann making the first shot at goal with a sliding kick, but didn’t quite get it on target. This was immediately followed by Gould gaining possession of the ball and running down the flank to pass to Neumann again who this time converted the goal, just 4 minutes into the game.

Play moved very quickly from the centre, Hahndorf dominating play, with the ball down in Hahndorf goal in, Gould then lined up for a corner kick in. Much to the amazement of the crowd, Gould lined up to shoot for goals, he connected impressively with the ball, the ball speared in to the front of goals, ricocheted off an opposition player and converted into a goal!

Curtis and Gilroy did very well in the middle, passing and controlling the ball, the team really coming together well.

Smart play from the team saw Curtis press forward and take a pass and take an impressive shot for goals. It was well defended by the Mt Barker goalie who was on his toes.

Gilroy, keen to win the ball did a fantastic intercept, using his body to change the momentum of play and resulted in Hahndorf taking another shot at goals, but sadly this one didn’t convert either.

Knight had really started to warm up in the game, with some great strong plays for the ball, some great passing to his team mates that saw the team take another 2 shots on goal in quick succession. The Strathalbyn keeper really having to work hard.

When play did get to the Strathalbyn end, our team kept great positioning and supported our defensive strategy. Hoyle making a great save and not letting their shot for goal through.

Play quickly moved back to the Hahndorf end when Gould was able to stream through the middle of the pitch, moving around a number of opposition players to take another shot and goal for Hahndorf.

Play was levelling up a little now, Strathalbyn with good footwork, good passing saw them take another shot, well defended by Hoyle again.

As the half was getting closer to the end, Saywell really made his mark on the game, working with his team mates Curtis and Gilroy in the middle with 2 great intercepts and some quick little passes, that saw the ball move to the Hahndorf end and Neumann and Gould make a 1 -  2 play and Neumann got to take another shot on goal, sadly it didn’t quite get through as the whistle went.


Half 2 saw the Hahndorf team up and about, making claims to the crowd that they “had a plan” and from kick off Knight, Gould and Hoyle were quick to move the ball. Strathalbyn were able to meet the intensity and play stayed in the middle of the pitch, neither team able to break clear.  Strathalbyn were the first to get the ball down to their scoring end, but our half 2 goalie Gilroy was too good, fending off 2 shots for goals. Strathalbyn seemed to have the momentum at this stage, really turning up the heat. The fight for the ball, was so strong that Gould and Strathalbyn player – with only eyes for the ball; clashed heads… pausing the game for a moment, to get the boys off the pitch to just check them over. Once in the clear – they were both back on and fired up.  Hoyle was quick to take possession next when he got to take a shot for goal, Strathalbyn were ready for him though and this one didn’t get through.

Play moved quickly to the Strathalbyn end, seeing them take another shot, Gilroy – in fine form; didn’t let it through. Gould managed to get back into the game and make an impact with 2 more shots on goal, but unlucky for us, the Strathalbyn keeper was really good. Hahndorf seemed to be taking charge of the game at this point, Knight really using his skill to be in position to take another try for goal, sadly not quite lined up, it just went off to the side.

Hahndorf were doing a great job moving the ball between players, Neumann with his quick pace, always chasing the loose balls and making sure he was first to it, his passing to Hoyle and Saywell was strong, with both Hoyle and Saywell being right in the play at the right times. Hahndorf controlled the play so well.  The last shot of the game was Gould when he got to take another corner kick in, this time his ball was very fast, unfortunately hitting the near side post – only narrowly missing another corner goal.

Player of the game was Gilroy – volunteering unselfishly to do goalie duties and for his impact in first and second half.