Match report

Season Date Round Venue
2021 U9 10th April 11:00am League Round 2 SUFC Aldgate Primary School Oval
Match report

The start of the u9s Round 2 match between Hahndorf and Mount Barker United Red was a little interrupted when Mason Saywell was stung by a bee, bravely taking the sting in his stride, he took a few minutes with the ice pack before joining the team on the pitch. 

Hahndorf dominated the first part of play with Soren Mickan breaking out for a first shot on goals, quickly followed by Levi Neumann who took a chip shot from behind the pack, sending the ball up and over getting the first goal of the match. Next up saw Thomas Gould have a shot on goal, which was well defended by Mount Barker.

10 mins in after much tussling in the middle, and with heavy rain settling in, Rowan Gilroy, Hugo Curtis, and Joshua Blain were strong protecting the Hahndorf back line. However Mount Barker managed to continue forward and had their first shot at goal, which was saved by Goalkeeper Owen Hoyle.

Hahndorf continued to make efforts on goal. Curtis shot for goal, which was

quickly followed by Mickan shooting a goal, a left foot beauty. The strong attack continued from Gould’s shot on goal, which hit the keeper and rolled through for another goal.

Mount Barker then capitalised on a slip and trip to take a shot on goal, well defended by Hoyle in goals.

Half time saw the rain ease and evenly matched teams tussle with the ball changing ends often. Curtis went in as Goalkeeper for Hahndorf the second half.

Next saw a strong unselfish pass from Mickan to Gould who was clear, who managed to get past a lone Mount Barker player to convert a goal.

A lot of play through the middle, with Saywell, Blain, Neumann and Gilroy, all contributing well, but finally saw Mount Barker break through and take a good shot on goal that only just missed.

Late in the second half, after a throw in by Blain to Neumann, with another chip shot over to Hoyle who had a good clear run and took our last shot on goal that was defended by Mount Barker.

Well matched play and good sportsmanship by both teams today.