Match report

Season Date Round Venue
2023 U10 17th June 11:00am League Round 7 WWSC Modified 2
Match report

There was a freezing cold wind howling through Woodside pitches today. The black clouds were ominous and we all watched on, waiting for the rain to start. But, before the game started there was an amazing rainbow which was a great sign for what was to come on the pitch. U10's did another amazing job today defeating Torrens Valley. 

It was a busy game and they had some fast players running the ball up to our goals, but our goalies Justin and Ilkoo saved several attempts by Torrens Valley. Our attackers, Tomke and Aussie scored goals, with Bobby, Max, Justin, Banjo and Eva all really close to getting the ball in. The posts just kept getting in the way!

Our Centres, Archie, Eva, Tomke and Ilkoo ran back and forth the whole time supporting each other, and our defenders kept the ball away from our home goals, regularly sending it back up the pitch with a big kick in the air. Ryder saved a goal with a great slide tackle, Zac and Theo practised their ball control skills from training.

In the last 10 minutes the rain started and everyone went home with wet clothes and hair, but the score and the lollies were worth it. 

Warm up
Photographer: SB

Team Rainbow - Goodluck
Photographer: SB



Ryder and Archie

Eva, Banjo and Bobby