Match report

Season Date Round Venue
2021 U9 15th May 11:00am League Round 6 WWSC Modified 1
Match report

It was a tight u9s Round 6 battle between Hahndorf and Woodside Red at Woodside Oval. It was a closely fought battle right from the first kick off.  A strong defensive effort by the whole team, with great goalkeeping by Oliver Knight, in the first half kept Woodside to one goal.  Both teams were evenly matched and  Hahndorf had chances.  Hugo Curtis and Thomas Gould played solidly in the mid-field, blocking and pushing forward. Levi Neumann, Joshua Blain and Soren Mickan were strong in attack too, each narrowly missing goals to equalise. Tyson Bancroft and Rowan Gilray played well, defending with good passes and Owen Hoyle found space to help team-mates.

It was Mason Saywell's turn in goals for the second half. His great goalkeeping helped to stop Woodside going further ahead.  Gould was hurt late in the match, which was soon forgotten when from a free kick he kicked a superb goal to level the score.

A great competitive match from both sides, with soccer the winner!